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In today’s world, most of the people like to spend their time by playing various types of video games and Donkey Kong Country GBC ROM is one of those interesting video games because due to it’s popularity. For this they use their mobile phones and computer or several plots of video game consoles. For a game lover it is very important to win a game and after winning the game they feel like on top of the world. In real life, it is not possible to do every adventure or action. But in a video game you can do so. The technology, videography, audio and graphics are getting more advanced day by day.

Donkey Kong Country was released in the year of 1994. It is basically a Gameboy color (GBC) side-scrolling platform game. This game can be accessed on the system of Super Nintendo Entertainment and in addition on the Gameboy. The two stars of the game are Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong and these two characters start a journey in Donkey Kong Island to get back their banana hoard which is stolen by the enemy party by and most noteworthy King k Rool and kremlings.

The main turning point of the Donkey Kong series was the Donkey Kong Country game. The game was developed and published by Rare and Nintendo. As a result Tim Stamper and Chris Stamper were the directors and Gregg Mayles was the designer of the game. Chris Sutherland was the programmer and Steve Mayles, Kevin Bayliss and Mark Stevenson were the artists of the Donkey Kong Country game.  Gregg mayles and Dan Owsen were the writers of this game. David Wise, Eveline Fischer and Robin Beanland gave the amazing audio and video sound hence the super awesome music.

It has released on several platforms like Super NES, GBC i.e. Game Boy color, and Gameboy Advance. This game was developed for two types of mode- Single mode and multiplayer mode. So, the Donkey Kong Country GBC ROM is a very popular game which is preferred by a huge number of game lovers.

About the Gameplay

There are 41 versions of the GBC or Gameboy color and if you want to play thr Donkey Kong Country GBC ROM game then you have to complete 40 different GBC games. A banana hoard of the Kongs’ has been taken by Kremlings and your main aim is to recover the banana hoard.  The theme of each level is quite equal and only the task varies- swimming, swinging, and minecarts riding. This game starts with first six levels. If any enemy hit a player or if the player falls off the display then he may lose a life.

If the player wants to defeat the enemy team then it is required to hand slap, roll or jump. But in this way, some of the enemies may not be taken down. So, to take them down the players have to take help of an animal or just throw a barrel. The difficulty level to take down the enemies is getting tougher in the progression of the game. A player can achieve extra lives by collecting items from different levels.

Those are

  • Bananas
  • Additional life balloons
  • Tokens of golden animals
  • Golden letters which can spell K-O-N-G

With the help of some secret places, a player can take to bonus games where the player can achieve so many things like extra lives, lots of items and few shortcuts on various levels.


There are two characters in the Donkey Kong Country GBC ROM  which can be controlled by either one of them. These two characters are Donkey Kong or Diddy-his nephew. If both of the characters are on the screen then the player can switch his choice between the characters, Donkey can beat the enemies very easily and it is the larger character between the two. Another one, Diddy is able to move quickly and faster. In various levels players can take the help from several animals, these animal helpers are:

• Rambi and Rhino
• Enguarde the Swordfish
• Squawks the parrot
• Expresso the Ostrich
• Winky the Frog

Donkey Kong Country GBC ROM GameboyAn animal can be found in exactly one particular themed level. You can find Enguarde only in underwater and in one cave level, Squawks can be found over there. The players may get bonus games from some animals. Single and multiplayer gaming modes are offered by Donkey Kong Country game. In multiplayer mode, two players can continue the gameplay in one mode between team mode and contest mode. In Contest mode a different set of Kongs are controlled by each of the players and tries to play each of the levels as soon as possible.


The main objective is to finish most of the levels as fast as possible. When it comes to team mode, each of the team players plays a role as one of two Kongs and continue as a tag group. The control of the two players is in the hand of active player’s Kong. However, the other player who is dormant takes the control power the Kong is missed by the active player or if the active player takes a decision to switch out.

For tracking the progression of the player, a display screen is used in Donkey Kong Country version. In the gap of each level on the map display, the players can control their role very easily. With a particular icon, the level is marked- levels which are unfinished and are denoted by the game’s real enemy ‘Kremlings’ and the friendly zoned places are pointed by the Kong family member.

If the player wants to go back to the actual map on the display screen then he has to defeat the real boss enemy of every world at the end of each level. But without fail the enemy boss, there is a scope to access prior world’s maps by getting the Funky Kong. The player can choose the world from the display screen in present playing level. During the time of the gameplay, the setting of the game hides most of the information.

This information is

  • The number of bananas
  • Tokens which are collected by animals
  • Number of the lives that are left
  • Letters

After collecting the items the required information is displayed on the menu screen.

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