Donkey Kong Game Boy ROM

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Donkey Kong Game Boy ROM is one of the games which gained high popularity in a very short amount of time. Games are one of the best things which release our stress and tensions as we live in a busy world.

There are many games which are designed as technology keeps increasing and there are some of the games which have been passing from many years and they also have the same craze in the present world too. As technology keeps increasing there are many games which have been made available online too and this is one of the best places for all the people to enjoy such games. These games can be accessed whenever they want and also from any place too.

The Donkey Kong Game Boy ROM game was developed in a 2D and 3d platform and this is one of the reasons why this game has become highly popular.

The game is developed in 1994 by Nintendo for the Game Boy handheld video game system. The game also consists of puzzle elements which are very interesting and people love this. This game is basically an arcade based game which is developed in 1981 and it’s sequel Donkey kong Jr  have gained the same popularity. People completely fell in love with these games and many players worldwide still play the game until this day.

The Donkey Kong Game Boy ROM is almost similar to the original arcade game where the player will control Mario. Mario will be the player and they should definitely save Pauline from the Donkey Kong. These characters can be updated based on the release of future versions. People can enjoy some of the best features in future releases too. Here also the player will take control over the Mario as it is common in all the games.

Game Play

The game begins with four levels as found in the original arcade game too. Here in these levels of the game, Mario must reach the top of the level and should save Pauline. Once all the four levels are completed successfully by the player, the usual arcade will begin.

The player will be presented with almost 97 additional stages by spanning all the nine worlds. All these nine worlds will be useful for a total of 101 stages. It will end by having a last fight against a larger Donkey Kong.  And then all the subsequent levels will only follow a complete different game mechanic. And in this game mechanic, the player must guide Mario through all the levels in order to locate a key. Once the key is found he must pick it up and should carry it to a locked door.

Locked doors will be somewhere present in all levels and the player himself should find it and open the doors.


Once the four levels are completed the battle level will be unlocked. In the battle level the player must either try to reach Pauline which is same in all the other levels. He can also defeat the Donkey Kong just by using his own barrels against him and this will be the same for every four levels. This battle level is one of the interesting aspects which is played by everyone.

People completely love this game in all ways as it is designed in such a way which is acceptable and understandable by everyone. Once the fourth level is completed successfully, a minute long cut scene will be shown. This cut scene will be shown in order to depict the players abilities which will be helpful in the upcoming levels in the game. This scene will also be helpful in introducing new kind of traps in the game which are also helpful for the players.

Donkey Kong Game Boy ROM retroFeatures

At this point of the stage players will be allowed to save their progress in the game. This progress includes time for each level or for a particular set also. Not only this but the extra lives can also be earned by playing some of the mini games. Mini games which are made available throughout he game.

These mini games will be unlocked by collecting three special items particularly in each level. If it’s not possible at each level they can also be collected at the end of each set based on the total unused time from that particular set alone. The game features many different types of game play enhancements which are almost similar from the original game.

Mario will also be able to survive by not falling from certain distances even though one of its life is lost. When his life is lost he will fall further downwards so it will be completely up to the player how he plays the game.  Mario might also lose one of his lives in case he hits an enemy or any obstacle which might arrive in front of him while playing the game. In some cases, fewer distances will allow Mario to withstand the hit. For example: if he got hit while carrying an item and also many more.

In Conclusion

Like the game Super Mario Bros 2 the player will be able to pick up and throw the items. In some cases certain enemies. These items will be needed to carry in order to collect the key to the door. The door he will have to unlock to proceed in further levels. In case the key is left alone without collecting it will return to its original place after the time limit is over.

At any point in the whole game, Mario can flip over onto his hands. Doing this allows him to catch all the barrels which are falling downwards and also will help in performing higher jumps. Not only this, but he will also be able to perform jumps while changing the directions.

All these features made this game one of the most popular games around which was loved by many people. It’s almost similar to the arcade original game but still has its own creativity and uniqueness when compared to others.

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